About Kamden's Cove

Kamden’s Cove Homeowners Association was formed to make Kamden’s Cove an amazing neighborhood providing convenient facilities and creating an active community of friends and families! The Kamden’s Cove Homeowners Association will preserve the current common areas and future amenities by keeping them in pristine condition. The neighborhood dues collected for the Kamden’s Cove HOA assist in maintaining a splendid atmosphere and providing a comfortable lifestyle.

There is something for everyone at Kamden’s Cove. Enjoy taking a stroll in the evening or celebrating holidays with fellow neighbors. The Board of Directors for this neighborhood encourages Kamden’s Cove to create committees in the neighborhood to head up social events, monitor the Covenants, and advise on the Architectural improvements homeowners will be making. Each homeowner can have input in their neighborhood to tailor the community activities to fit the homeowner’s desires.